First race of ADAC Kart Masters in Ampfing - Philipp Walsdorf facing highs and lows

The first racing weekend of the ADAC Kart Masters in bavarian Ampfing from April, 29 to April, 30 began with water games during the free practice on Thursday. Even a little bit of snow was there as well. On Friday heaven showed its bavarian white-blue colors and temperatures started to increase.
For Philipp Walsdorf free practice went on very successful, in wet conditions he and his teammate Jan Philipp Springob could leave their competitors far behind. Qualifying was not that succesful anymore, Philipp Walsdorf plaed his kart on position sixteen for the heats.In the first heat he could not manage to make his strategy of passing the others on the outside of first corner work. So he had to try to pass the field during the race. Trying to pass another competitor the karts got hung to each other. After separating the two karts the field of competitors was out of reach and so Philipp Walsdorf could just drive far behind the others and finished the race twenty-fourth.
Second heat went better, his strategy at the start brought him five positions. During the race he could improv by another three positions and ended the race eighth. The addition lead to startposition fifteen for the first race on Sunday.
Warm up showed a perfect performance of the two HTP-Kartteam drivers endind irst and second. Start of the pre-finals went fairly well until in the infield a collision after Philipp passed a driver who tried to strike back and hit the back of Philipps kart. After that the rear axle started to move until the brake disc stooped the sidewards movement, which was to be seen in the resulting lap times. Philipp managed to finish the race but only one position before the last. From that position he had to start the final race. Moving forward again Philipp ended the race on positon twelve, which was a very good performance regarding the fact that all dirvers were driving nearly as fast as the top. In fact it was not really satsfying becuase in the end it was only position twelve.
All four karts of HTP-Kartteam were perfectly prepared as usual, Christian Voss and his crew do a marvelous job. In June Philipp will be seen in Bavaria once again, in the neighbourhood on Prokart Raceland in Wackersdorf.

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